…A dynamic program for happiness and health…

…A platform for self-development and peace of mind….

…an owners manual on how to be happy, successful and build the life of your dreams

About this Course:

The Lifestyle Course is a simple, comprehensive program for people wishing to improve their life. Its called The Lifestyle Course because being happy, creating a life you love, being fulfilled don’t happen by chance, Rather they are the result of conscious changes in awareness and lifestyle that allow us to experience the success we desire in our Health, Career, and Love Relationships. The Lifestyle Course gives you practical wisdom combined with simple time tested techniques to positively impact your life AND to understand why things are going the way they are in your life and how you can change them. The word “Lifestyle” is also a nod to the newly emerging field of lifestyle medicine, which encompasses health through nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in thinking, feeling, acting and attitude.

HEALTH: Learn practical tools to improve your health and prevent future challenges.

CAREER: Bring out your best self at work, understand your employees/employers, chart a path for success.

LOVE RELATIONSHIPS: Create amazing love relationships and avoid the unseen pitfalls of trial and error in love and dating.

HAPPINESS & SPIRIT: Discover simple tools through breath, yoga and meditation to be happy and in tune with the universe around you and how to stay that way.


The 4 pillars of this course offer authentic, powerful teachings that can help you be the best you can be. We hope you will join us


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